7 Things That Makes You Live Now

People are always waiting for right moment to be happy.There is no right moment to be happy but now.Yes,this is the right time to live your life, not later not tomorrow not next week, no no, now is the moment.

7 things that makes you live now:

Yes following 7 things makes you to live your life delightedly. 

1:Your family

Spend time with your family.Be nice and lovable to your children. Play with them. Love your wife. Your wife and children are your strength in bad days. Stick to your parents and siblings. Call them.Arrange party and ceremony together.

2:Your goal

Set Goal for your life,whether small or big.Dream it daily,make effort to achieve it. This make you live enthusiastic. And when you achieve them it brings tremendous joyful moment you are looking for.If you don't have any goal that means you are living dead-man's life.So,set daily goals,life goals, etc.


3:Hangout with friends

It is always fun hanging out with friends.
You can laugh,drink,play,make noise,share your thoughts with friends.It makes a lot relax when you hangout with your friends.


4:Listen music

"Your heart is just a beatbox of song of your life"~Anonym.

Listening to favorite music makes you happy,excited,even pumped up you.


5:Have Sex

Sex stimulates 'feel good' hormones which helps in relaxation of mind and brings joy in your life.
Study said,lack of sex make people stressful.If you are a single and have no partner then masturbate.It will help you stress down and make you happy.


6:Good night sleep

Lots of studies are done on night at night.I reveals that sleeping seven to eight hour daily makes your mind calm and healthy.It helps in creativity and productivity of mind.

7:Eat on time

Eating habits are also affects our happier life.Hungry stomach makes displeased sometimes.So eat healthy food on time.It will helps you in gaining enough energy to live actively and happily.

I hope this will help you to be happy.It is very easy to be happy just follow your heart.Smile all time.Be happy.

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