15 Types Of Students You Meet In Every College

When you step into college, the first thought, which strikes your mind, is, "Am I at the right place?" Your confusion is a result of the type of people you meet during your college life. You find countless types of people you have never come across earlier, each more funny than the other. Some are quiet where some are chatter boxes; some are disciplined where some love jailbreaks.

College campus is the place where you will find numerous kinds of people, listed below are the 15 types of people you will definitely find

1. Fashionistas
For some students, college is the ramp and they are the models. Their whole and sole motive of coming to college is to display their fashion sense. All they know about is the latest fashion trend and all they care about is how to get into that trend.

2. The Mushy Couple
Colleges are abundant of love birds. You will definitely find couples gluing to each other every time. These couples are always so lost in each other that they might not even know other college mates' names. In gatherings, as the name suggests, they either go together or they don't turn up at all.

 3. Peace breakers
There's this kind you will surely find which loves getting into fights. These people actually keep a record of the fights they've been into and flaunt it with pride. Be it anyone's fight they will surely be there.

 4. Party Animals
You will never find these people sober in the morning, they are always hung from the last night's party they had. Be it college fest or a friend's birthday, they will organize as if it is their own party. Frats, Bouncers, Party organizers, none is missing from their contacts.

5. Bigmouths
Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton etc. are the words these people chant all day all night. Flaunting their possessions is the favourite hobby they have. They behave as if they are the richest brats on earth.

 6. Teacher's pet
'Yes sirrrr', 'No sirrrrr' are the only phrases they know. These people always buzz around teachers, sit on front benches and are teachers' favourites.

 7. Rich daddy’s spoilt son
This is the guy who follows the latest fads, drives the flashiest car and is only seen in designer clothes and accessories. The amount of money he spends in a day will amount to your entire pocket money for the month.

8. Proxy attendance guy
This guy bunks class and hangs out with his friends or goes to the movies or simply stays in bed. You often get requests from him to help him achieve the minimum required attendance.

 9. The career guy
The guy who has no time for nonsense, he spends time after college in projects and internships. He has got his career planned out and will be on his way to the top as soon as he finishes college.

 10. The computer lover
There will always be one such guy in every class. You can go to him for all I.T. related issues and get them solved in a jiffy. He can give you the latest downloaded games and music.
11. The student politician
You will find such individuals always attending or addressing political rallies and lectures. Politics is a way of life for them. They might eventually end up being the Prime Minister one day, you never know.

12. The photographer
You will have loads of college photographs, thanks to this guy. He is always around clicking your moments and freezing them for a lifetime of memories.

13. The studious first bencher
You will find them holding on to their favorite seat in the entire classroom i.e. the first bench. They come for class on time and pay attention during lectures. Their assignments are ready on time and they know the answers to every question.

14. Student With Never Ending Bullshit Questions

They love interrupting the teacher. During every lecture, “Interrupters” are the first one to raise their hands and ask bullshit questions that no one in the class including the teacher understands. They frustrate you when the class ends and they prolong it by asking another one of their stupid question. This student would often do this to impress the teacher.

15. The One Who Is Never On Time



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